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about us

Uptime web hosting, based in Brisbane, provides reliable web hosting services. Our aim is to provide a more personal service when it comes to providing you with reliable web hosting .

UpTime is a reliable, brisbane based web hosting service provider

Why Choose UpTime Web Hosting?

Too many people are let down by website hosting companies that don't provide good customer service. At UpTime we put you first regardless of how much you spend on website hosting with us. We want to be the best web hosting company in Australia and to do that we have to not only be competitive with our pricing but also provide the best possible personal service too.

We're 100% Australian

All of our servers are located in Australia in a top tier data center. Our staff are based in our Brisbane office at Newstead.
Our team is focused on providing you not only the best web hosting service but also the best personal service.
Nothing is ever too hard or not possible. Our hosting solutions are built with quality and affordability in mind and targeted towards Australian business and individuals who are looking for local and reliable web hosting solutions.

All The Features

We're full service and we provide you with competive website hosting plans.  We're not a reseller, so we are not locked into a suppliers restrictions like other webhosting providers.
Our hosting plans are full of the latest features and in most cases come with no limits so you can rest assured that you have room to grow and you're not going to get additional fees for things like data usage.
We keep all of our servers maintained and up to date so your web hosting service is kept secure, safe and reliable at all times.

Full Service Website Hosting

A good website hosting company is more than just the server your website lives on.  It's the people behind the service that make it a great company.
At UpTime Web Hosting we value every client and will go above and beyond to ensure you get the help, service, advice and best solution for you.
Our support team is available 24/7 on our email based help desk and online via our website chat during business hours. We're here to help.